2020 DNC Convention

Let’s Go to Milwaukee!

The Lincoln County Democratic Party is preparing now to select our Delegation to the 2020 Presidential Convention in Milwaukee, to be held the week of July 13, 2020.  If you’re a dedicated Democrat who wants to serve your community, county, district, and state, then we welcome you to run to be a delegate for your preferred candidate and join us as a 2020 Presidential Convention Delegate to take your part in history!

At the 2020 Convention, Tennessee will have 73 delegates. Four of those delegates will come from our Fourth Congressional District.

If you’d like to run to be a delegate:

  • File your Candidacy Declaration by 12pm Noon Central Time on February 20th. You can fill out that form online at the TNDP website here.
  • Vote in the March 3rd Democratic Primary.
  • Attend our County Convention on March 7th at 12pm Noon Central Time.
  • Attend our TN04 Congressional Convention on March 21st at 12pm Noon Central Time. It’s held at the Middle Tennessee State University Campus.

Each delegate funds their own way to the National Convention. Expenses are estimated to be between $3,000 and $5,000. We can help with your fundraising efforts but keep in mind that the TNDP, the DNC, nor our Lincoln County Democratic Party can pay for you to attend.

Lincoln County’s Delegate Selection Convention

Our Convention is held on Saturday March 7th at 12pm Noon. We’ll meet in the auditorium at the Fayetteville Municipal Building.

Lincoln County has been allotted Nine Selectors per presidential candidate that receives 15% or more in the March 3rd Primary. If there are more than nine potential selectors per qualifying candidate, we’ll hold an election to elect the nine selectors for the Congressional Convention.

TN04 Congressional Convention

Our TN04 Convention is held March 21st at 12pm Noon. It’s held at the Middle Tennessee State University Campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Elected Selectors from each county in TN04 will gather to elect the DNC delegates from our Congressional district. We’ve been allotted four delegates – two women and two men. The four delegates elected here will represent TN04 at the national convention in Milwaukee!

If you’ve got questions about the selection process or want to run to be a delegate, send us a message below!

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