How to Contact our Tennessee Representatives

Our state representatives are back in Nashville today for the 2020 legislative session. They’ll introduce a variety of bills, debate new ideas, and ultimately send new laws to Governor Lee for approval.

We encourage you to contact our state representatives throughout the year but it’s especially important while they’re in session. The policies debated now will affect communities throughout Tennessee in the coming years. With votes happening every week for the next few months, it’s a prime time to make sure our representatives are speaking for us.

Here’s a list of our representatives for Lincoln County and how you can contact them:

Senator Shane Reeves

  • Phone: 615-741-1066
  • Email:

Representative Rick Tillis 

  • Phone: 615-741-4170
  • Email:

Representative Pat Marsh

  • Phone: 615-741-6824
  • Email:

A few key things to remember with all of these contact methods:

  • Be polite and direct. This isn’t a time to wander around the point. Their time is valuable just like your time is.
  • Be prepared. Do your homework and know what you’re talking about. Have the issue outlined along with various ideas for solutions.
  • Don’t go it alone. Talk with friends, family, and others in the community about the issue you’re trying to raise. Have them contact public officials with you.
  • Social media is easy to miss and/or ignore. Focus your efforts on calling or emailing rather than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Keep this contact info close at hand. Try to call or email each at least once a week. It’s the best way to make your voice heard by our state representatives!

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