No One is Above the Law

Last night, the House of Representatives voted for only the third time in history to impeach the President of the United States. This vote shows that no one is above the law — not even the president. 

As expected, our own Representative Scott DesJarlais voted with other Republicans to provide cover for the President’s corrupt actions. This is yet another vote from Representative DesJarlais in a long line of votes where he has failed our district. His decision to put party over people shows that it’s time for him to be voted out of office in 2020.

What does this impeachment mean going forward?

The President isn’t removed from office yet. Impeachment sets up the trial held in the Senate. Around 20 Republicans would need to vote with Democrats to reach the 2/3 threshold needed for removing the President from office. 

Now is the time to call our Senators – Alexander Lamar and Marsha Blackburn – and let them know your thoughts. You can find their contact info here.

We don’t know how the Senate trial will turn out. But we do know that 2020 is a pivotal election for our democracy. If the Senate doesn’t remove the President from office, we’ll do it ourselves through the ballot box in November. 

To do that, we’ll need everyone out organizing and working like never before. That means knocking doors, making calls, sending postcards, and more. This election will be close – one where every inch of ground gained matters. 

Stay focused on 2020. Don’t listen to those that say we can’t turn out Democratic voters in a rural Southern community. Let’s put in the work to defend our democracy just as our House of Representatives did last night. 

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