The New TNDP Veterans/Military Families Caucus

The TNDP Veterans/Military Families Caucus (V/MF)) held its roll out at the Elevate Summit on May 19, 2019.

Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and veterans have made a tremendous sacrifice on our behalf and Republicans have dominated these discussions for far too long. There are over 500,000 veterans in our state. Including family members, this is a potential voting block of over 1 million voters. This is an opportunity for us in the TNDP to engage thousands of these voters to Vote Blue in the future.

The TNDP Veterans/Military Families caucus is committed to promoting the tremendous contributions of our Veterans and their families, while strengthening the ideals of Democratic values!

If you’re a veteran or military family, head over to the Veterans and Military Families caucus website here. You can connect with the caucus and stay up to date on activities planned for the coming elections!

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