Pledge to help 3 friends register to vote

The 2020 election will carry historic consequences. From our local school board all the way to the presidency, every election is a chance to change the course of our community. But you can’t vote unless you’re registered. It all starts with registering to vote.

Here in Tennessee, it’s quick and easy to register online. If you haven’t registered yourself, or need to check your voter registration, head over to this website:

–>> Click here to register to vote.

If you’re registered and ready to vote, talk with three friends and make sure they’re registered too! We know that when people are unsure of something like voting, advice from friends can make all the difference. Good friends help friends vote. 

Take the pledge below and join your neighbors in our community that are helping people register.

Make a difference. Be a voter. And help three friends to register to vote!

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