What’s Next

What an election! 

At the national level, a wave of political organizing delivered the win we desperately needed – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. While down ballot races went other directions, a Biden – Harris win proves that we can do the hard things. 

Two years from now, all of our local elected officials are on the ballot along with our state house representatives and governor. Our work for electing Democrats to those offices starts right now.

Here’s what we need and where you can help:

1) Each of the eight districts in our county will have a designated District Captain. This person lead organizing efforts in the district. From phone calls to postcards and everything in between, our District Captains will make sure they know every Democrat in the district and work to expand our base there.

If you want to be a District Captain, click here to sign up and volunteer.

2) With all of the offices up in 2022, we need to start setting up campaigns now. The biggest lesson learned from our 2020 candidates is that it takes two years to really run an effective campaign. Rural communities are simply to big for shorter time frames.

If you want to run for office, click here to sign up and volunteer.

3) Along with candidates and  district captains, we’re looking for folks that might be interested in managing different parts of local and state campaigns.

If you want to manage a campaign, click here to sign up and volunteer.

All three of these will be core to our organizing and winning in the next election. If you want to make a difference, this is where to start.As we get these candidates and district captains going, new needs will appear. So stay tuned for those as well.

The Biden-Harris campaign proves we can do the hard things. Organizing Lincoln County and Tennessee won’t be easy. We’ll have to fight for every inch of ground that we gain. We’ll have to have the hard conversations to persuade former-Republican voters to come our way. But to do anything less is not an option.

This is more than a moment. It’s the start of a movement. One that we intend to win.