In the last election cycle, the Tennessee Black Voter Project registered close to 90,000 new voters here in Tennessee.

In response, the Republican-controlled Tennessee House voted to make us the first state to criminalize voter registration efforts.

Marian Ott, president of the League of Women Voters of Tennessee, put it best:

“Supporting election integrity and citizen access to the ballot has been a hallmark of the mission and work of the League of Women Voters for almost 100 years. While the League too had concerns about the 2018 events, this bill – which criminalizes and sanctions numerous registration drive activities – is the wrong way for Tennessee.”

This bill (SB971/HB1079) now heads to the Senate for their consideration. Now is the time for action – contact our state senator Shane Reeves.

Call his office at 615-741-1066 or email

Send letters to:

425 5th Avenue North
Suite 752 Cordell Hull Bldg..
Nashville, TN 37243

Ask Senator Reeves to vote no against this bill unless changes are made based around the League of Women Voters recommendations here!

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