The Rural Health Care Crisis

Hospital closures. The opioid epidemic. Medical debt crushing friends and neighbors in our communities. Hundreds of thousands of Tennessee families without access to health coverage.

Despite 63% of Tennesseans support for expanding Medicaid, our representatives won’t act. Rural communities like Lincoln County are in trouble all because our state representatives won’t bring Medicaid expansion up for a vote.

Tennesseans are losing out on $3.8 million every day because our state legislators won’t expand Medicaid. That’s $3.8 million every day in federal funding going to other states when it could be directed to our hospitals and our communities. It’s money that could provide our neighbors with health coverage while bringing down our own insurance rates at the same time.

Call and email our state legislators. You can find their contact info here.Urge them to bring up a vote on expanding Medicaid.

While you’re at it, write a letter to our local newspaper – the Elk Valley Times. You can find the Letter to the Editor contact info here. Our legislators pay attention to what’s being published in local newspapers.

It’s the right thing to do to ensure our rural communities survive.

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