The August Election

With the August 6th election just days away, we’re focused on just one action this week. Get People To The Polls Check in with all of the voters you know and make sure they’ve either voted early/absentee or have a plan to vote Thursday. For voters that are voting Thursday, a good practice is to check these three things with them: 

  1. When will you vote on August 6th? Set aside a specific time on Thursday to head over to your polling place.
  2. Where will you vote? If you don’t know your polling place, call our local Election Commission or go to on your phone/computer.
  3. How will you get there? Make sure you’ve got a way to get to your polling place. If you need a ride, let us know!

 Statewide, Democratic turnout was only up 2% compared to the 2018 primary. Here in Lincoln County, Dems were up 17% but the GOP was up 21%. That means we’ve got to get a lot of people to the polls on Thursday. Take time now – go through your contact list – and check-in with every voter that you know. It’s the best way to make sure they’re voting in this August election. Let’s do this.

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