Defending Democracy From Home

Usually at this point in an election year, our volunteers are out knocking doors, meeting new people, and helping candidates campaign. This year, we’re all adjusting to working from home and developing new plans for the campaign work needed to win this fall.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten lots of emails and voicemails from people in our community asking how they can help during this new normal. We’ve put together this action guide so that you can make a difference in this election and continue to defend our democracy right from your home.


Take some time to check in our your friends, family , neighbors, and co-workers. This could be with a phone call, an email, a Facebook message – even a letter. Find out how they’re doing during this time and if they need help with anything.

Complete the Census

The 2020 Census is happening right now. You can complete it online here. After you complete your census form, share that link with everyone you know so that everyone in our community is counted.

Register New Voters

Make a list of everyone you know and start working through it to find out if each person is registered to vote. If they’re not, help them register at It’s a quick and easy process. Registering new voters is one of the single most effective things any of us can do.

Expand Your Skills

The National Democratic Training Committee offers fantastic resources and training for local party volunteers. Now’s a great time to hone your skills as grassroots campaigning.

Donate to a Campaign

Find a few local and state candidates that you support and chip in money their way. It’s challenging to fundraise right now so every dollar you can donate goes a long ways.

Write Letters to the Editor

Do you think our local leaders are doing a good job? Think our state leaders could be doing better? Write a letter to the editor and share how you see things.

Share Resources and Information Online

Misinformation abounds in times of crisis, especially on Facebook and other social media apps. Use your platform to speak the truth and help others that follow you find good information. Keep in mind that positive and civil posts find more traction within the community. You can also share links to the websites and Facebook pages of candidates that you support.

Be Helpful

Above all – focus on being helpful in the coming months. As Democrats, we believe that communities work best when we work together for everyone. That’s how we’ll get through this virus pandemic – together.

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