2020 Lincoln County Convention

With our Tennessee presidential primary results in, we’re now ready for our County Convention.

Our Convention is set for this Saturday – March 7th – at 12pm Noon. Doors open for sign-in at 11am. We’ll meet in the auditorium at the Fayetteville Municipal Building.

Lincoln County has been allotted Nine Selectors per presidential candidate that receives 15% or more in the March 3rd Primary. If there are more than nine potential selectors per qualifying candidate, we’ll hold an election to elect the nine selectors for the Congressional Convention.

These selectors are who we send to our Congressional Convention to elect our delegates. The four delegates elected there will represent TN04 at the national convention in Milwaukee!

From our county, we’ve got one person running to be a delegate – Melissa Groce-Thomas. If you’d like to help her get elected for the national convention, make plans to be at the Municipal Building this Saturday. The more folks there, the better chance Melissa has at winning a delegate spot. 

We’ll see you on Saturday!

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