Making Change Happen

“The most important office in a democracy is not president, or prime minister, or chancellor, or governor, or mayor.
It’s citizen. Change happens because citizens are mobilized and force change.”
– President Barack Obama
 Do you want to fix the big issues facing our town? Are you sick of the good old boy system that’s blocking progress for our community? Have you ever looked around and thought, “This needs to be better. We need to change this. I need to change this.”? You – yes, you – hold immense power to harness that change for creating a better community right here in Lincoln County. Change happens when people like you decide to force change. It happens when you get involved, get engaged, and bring family, friends, and neighbors together to demand it. Let’s make that change happen. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start working for a better community, drop us a message and let’s get started!
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